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Last but not least, a little bit about us. Besides organising the event, we also will be stallholders and on top of that sell drinks.

Who is the Bearwood Pantry?

The Bearwood Pantry is a Bearwood based food cooperative that set up in 2011. As a group we started buying things direct from producers that we could not find in Bearwood, such as organic meat and dairy and organic veg and fruit. At first, it was just us buying this food and then friends asked about it and before we knew it, we had strangers (who became instant friends – food does connect) turn up at our houses every Thursday to pick up their order. Those strangers have now become friends and pick up nights have now moved to Thimblemill Library on a Thursday and we now offer apart from the organic meat, dairy, veg and fruit also bread and organic store cupboard staples. We have dreamed of bringing the community together to eat around a table for such a long time, that we decided to finally just do it. So here we are: It’s the day before Bearwood’s first ever Food Festival.

What can you expect on the day?

A wide range of fruit and veg:

Kale Cavelo Nero
Red desiree potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Yellow onions
Red onions
Red ramiro peppers
Tomatoes round
and PUMPKINS!!!!

Organic Milk
Netherend Butter (salted and unsalted)
Award winning British Rapeseed Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain
Small selection of cheese
Organic, free range eggs
Feral Trade Coffee Beans
Organic store cupboard staples such as chick peas, rice, beans and pasta…

and I am sure I have forgotten something, so you will have to come tomorrow and check for yourself. Also we will be serving coffee, tea and a selection of cordials.

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