Albert’s Vetkoek – 3rd Crafty Pantry Food Festival in Bearwood {Stallholder Feature}

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Who is Albert and what is Vetkoek?



Bearwood Birmingham

Photo credit (c) Caroline Jariwala – Mango Mosaics

If you need to ask who Albert is and what Vetkoek is, then you a) are not from Bearwood b) never been to any of our events or c) just live under a rock. Don’t worry, this is easily remedied. Simply visit the Crafty Pantry Food Festival on the 17th September and get yourself a Vetkoek. Still unsure. Ok, Vetkoek is a South African deep fried bread dough filled with delicious curry made by Albert. Albert’s curry is the best and he does a meat one and a veggie one. In fact, the veggie one is vegan. So there you go. No more excuses.

What can you expect at the Food Festival?


Photo credit (c) Erin Power for Bearwood Pantry

Look at this picture. That is what you can expect. It honestly is one of the best things ever.



The Crafty Pantry Food Festival takes place in Bearwood on 17th September 2016 from 11 am to 4 pm at Bearwood Baptist Church, Rawlings Road cnr Bearwood Road and surrounding area. Stalls inside and out.

Crafty Pantry Food Festival in Bearwood 2016

Crafty Pantry Food Festival in Bearwood 2016


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